Painting the Late Summer Garden

Painting from the Late Summer Garden

It's been a full summer, France in June, (with travel sketches yet to post), the 3rd annual Mimi and Papi Summer Camp with our 4 grands,...

Friday, October 27, 2017

Delphi Opera House Exhibit

There is an exciting juried art exhibit the first weekend in November  at the Delphi Opera House n Delphi, Indiana.   What a great way to spend a fall weekend!

I have three framed pieces in the show, plus many matted watercolors.

My three paintings included in the exhibit

Zentangle "Play Date" Class!

In recent weeks I have been very preoccupied with my ankle surgery and then a health crises with my mom.  Mom, 90 years old,  is now settled in to a skilled nursing facility and we are closing down her apartment.  Life is returning to a new "normal."

Art has definitely taken a back burner during this time, but I'm ready to jump back into a few things.  With the holidays coming up, there won't be time for a series of classes, but I am offering a "play date"  one afternoon class, Monday, November 13, 1 - 4:00 to create Zentangles.

What is a Zentangle?  
"Rick Roberts and Mary Thomas [] are the originators of the trademarked Zentangle method.  Basically, it's a specific way to draw images, most often in black pen on white paper.  Zentangle has become an internationl phenonmenon that now has applications in stree reduction, education, therapy and even motivational training." quote from Psychology Today

So - Zentangles here we come!

Monday, September 4, 2017

French Travel Journal 2017

In June we were given the amazing gift of a trip to France.  During our three weeks there we were able to enjoy seeing many friends, some we haven't seen since 1990.  There was not much time to paint in my travel journal, so I decided to paint little vignettes, several to a page of the places and events.  Each person, each place has a story of deep significance for us, ending with a visit to our baby's grave in Lamorlaye, France.  After seeing all the poppies in Flanders Fields as we traveled, we arrived at the cemetery to discover that the Lord had graciously planted them along baby Chantal's tomb. I was able to pick up some dead blossoms and hodge podge them to the page. What a wonderful experience, for which I am deeply grateful.


Vignettes Cards for French Friends

In June we had the blessed privilege to spend three weeks in France seeing many of our French friends.  It's been on my heart all summer to send each one a hand painted card of something from our time together.  Recovering from surgery has slowed me to a halt and given me the gift of time to paint them.  Each little painting represents a story, moments spent with precious friends.

Painting from the Late Summer Garden

It's been a full summer, France in June, (with travel sketches yet to post), the 3rd annual Mimi and Papi Summer Camp with our 4 grands, this year at Salisbury Beach in a Ocean Cottage (no time to paint with four grands!) and now ankle surgery with a leg in a cast.

The night before surgery I could not let the moment pass to paint the giant sunflower blossoms that were laying on the ground from the wind.  Such giant beauties - they always give me a surge of joy just looking at them! It was a great way to prepare for surgery.  I won't be strolling in the garden for awhile, so I'm glad I took the time.

Here is the process from photo to finished painting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Turkey Run Paint Out

Today was a beautiful day for a paint out at Turkey Run State Park sponsored by the Wabash Valley Artists Society.  There is nothing like painting outdoors, in the deep forest on a hiking path with breezes and sounds of a pileated wood pecker to get the creative juices flowing!

For the first time, my French easel was used as intended on uneven ground.  The telescopic legs were easy to adjust to create a level painting surface on a rocky walking path.

When we spied out the painting sites, I was immediately attracted to this old tree with gnarly roots growing out of the craggy boulders along the edge of the path.  The sun splashed dappled leaves in the background set off the shadowed tree.

After a trip to Twin Rocker hand made paper enterprise yesterday, I had a supply of their handmade paper.  This was painted on a 1/2 sheet of Twin Rocker deckled paper.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Art for the Home is a web site that makes it possible to have many of my paintings printed on toss pillows, tote bags, mugs and many other items.  You can check out the site: artzart